About Us

     Welcome toEclectic Antiques / Josef Originals website.  We have been in the antiques business since 1988.  We travel across the United States exhibiting at Antique Shows and searching for unique items to sell.


Our Specialties:

     VintageJosef Originals figurines.  We have written 3 Price Guides– “Josef Originals, Charming Figurines” in 1994 and it is now going into its’ third reprint.  We followed with “Josef Originals, A Second Look” and “Josef Originals, Figurines of Muriel Joseph George”.  There are few duplicates in these books and all are available on our website along with ourJosef Originals figurines inventory. 

    Head Vase - We carry only vintage Lady Head Vases from the 1950-1960's. 

     Animated Motion Lamps.  We carry a stock of these fascinating lamps from the 1920’s to the 1960’s. 

     Holidays including vintage & modern Christmas, Halloween, and Easterand other holiday items.   

     Hawaiiana from Hula Girls to Ukulele Boys a wide array of vintage collectibles. 

     Costume Jewelrywe showcase a range of mostly rhinestones both vintage and new. 

     Rose O’Neill Kewpie we stock a variety of Kewpie figurines including Enesco Kewpies. 

     Angels– Vintage birthday, month, days of the week angels by the popular Napco and Lefton companies to name a few. 

     Everything Else We don’t limit our stock to a few categories so if you don’t see a category on what you are searching for try this group.

     We hope you enjoy your visit to the Eclectic Antiques & Josef Originals website.  Buy with confidence. 

    All items are guaranteed to be as described or we will give a refund.