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A dogs point of view of the Antiques Business & Life in general

OK!  We just got back from 2 shows on the East Coast & Mich.  I think that Mom & Dad were not happy.  Of course I did not feel that it was too bad but, I did get sick and I heard that back East water can do that to a girl but. as Dad pointed out all I drink is bottled water.  (I would go for Perrier water buttttttttt, Dad said we can not afford it).

Uncle Rick and Heather were there with us and they brought cookies for me but, Mom said that I could not have any 'cause she thinks that is what is making me sick.

It was hot and huu--mid, and I was moving slow.  I actually would sleep all night and did not get Dad up at all.  He was really happy about this.  However, I would every-so-often fool him and make him get up 2 or 3 times.  Dad gets cranky when I do this but, ya know "I don't Care".We are not home and working on the back yard--well---OK Dad's working and I'm watching.We are suppose to start on an estate today (June 9th) but, not sure what happened--Dad said that we are waiting for the people to finish working on the house.

More Later.